How to Get In on the Faux Freckle Trend

Freckles are so hot right now and this trending look is reserved for the ladies and gents! So, If you don’t have natural freckles, you can get fake freckles using standard makeup. Are you ready?


Sharpen your eyeliner now and follow these simple steps below!

Step 1: Apply your makeup as normal. 

Note: Don’t use too much foundation. Apply just right before proceeding with the freckles.

Step 2: Choose brown eyeliner tones.

Note: If you are not sure about what looks natural, compare the shades to the color of your eyebrows. The light shade should be two shades darker, and the darker shade should be another shade darker than that.


Step 3: Draw small freckles on your skin with the lighter tone.

Note: Place dots of eyeliner on your nose and cheeks. Use the tip of the eyeliner itself as long as its a very fine point.

Step 4: Blend it out.

Note: Take your finger and press on them a bit, which will help them to look more natural but not too much or else they will disappear.

OPTIONAL: Apply a setting spray to make your skin appear glossier and healthier.

Voila! Enjoy your freckled face!!!


Featuring (Systems Technology Institute) STI ambassador, Jerick Valete

Photo by : Heintje Mendoza | H. Mendoza Photography

Styled and Groomed by : Yoo Kii Piñon | Makeup By Yoo Kii

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How to achieve the ‘Drunk Blush’ makeup look, Here’s how!

The Japanese Igari look is the new makeup trend you need to get in on and this also known as “Hangover Beauty” created by a Japanese Artist Shinobu Igari (hence the name Igari Makeup), creating ‘natural eye look’ with emphasized look of blushing cheek.


To achieve this look, you need to apply blush under your eye and on the top area of the apples of your cheeks. The blush should be obvious to give an appearance like you are blushing way too much or are drunk.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this look!

Step 1:  Prep your skin

Use foundation/BB cream/CC cream to balance your skin tone and use concealer to cover any redness or dark spots.

Step 2: Eyes

Use neutral shade and make it really plain and simple and don’t forget to curl and put mascara on your eyelashes!

Step 3: Cheeks

Apply pink or coral tint or blush to the cheeks, under her eyes and extend down to the cheekbone and slightly towards the temple.

Step 4: Lips

Complete your look with rose-tinted, kissable-looking lips in glossy finish.



Muse:  Shikinah Mallari Samson

Photo: H. Mendoza Photography

Makeup by yours truly: Makeup By Yoo Kii

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Grooming 101: Learn the Tips for getting the look just right

FACEFinding the perfect and right cover up for your face, for a natural looking. Not too bright or too dark. Here are the best tips for you to try, for your best natural look, follow the tips and tricks below. 


1.Moisturize. It’s the very important product for the base of your makeup. The benefits promote anti-aging and hydrates your skin.

2.Conceal. Hide away dark circles, fine lines or blemishes.This will get rid of any imperfections and leave your skin flawless.

3.Powder or Light foundation. This will help your face appear naturally perfect.

4.Nude Lip. Choose a lip color, go for the light pink, peaches and sand colors. or use lip gloss for an even simpler lip.

5. Little Mascara (if any). a thin layer of mascara is all you need for a natural look.  so, if you are having a full lashes you may skip out on the mascara. Also a little brush upwards for your eyebrows to fixed the strands and look natural.

HAIR. The secret to achieving this hair is not so much the hair, which is fairly easy, it’s basically medium length hair, with slightly trimmed sides. How much you want to trim off the sides depends solely on the individual’s preference.

The best way to style Side Part are the used of some best products which are listed below.

1. Hair Wax / Matte Product: Will give you a slightly tight  but it will have a natural look as if you have no product in your hair.

2. Pomade / Oil Based:  Most Pomade’s or Oil based products will give you a tight side part and wet look. There ARE matte pomade’s but most are used for the side part and slick look.

3. Hair Spray / Mousse: If you want a loose hair with not much hold, this is the way to go.

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Credits to: Wil Joseph Magsino (model), Heintje Mendoza(Photographer), Ethelbert Escoto (Button-down polo shirt) and me for the grooming. 


Grooming 101: No Makeup, Makeup Look

Be at your best with a natural looking without a ton of makeup. So, here is my no makeup, makeup look, natural and not too “overdone”– at a low maintenance work. Featuring Joseph Ligero as the model of Zalora Philippines. Photo from Heintje Mendoza.


I’ll be posting down below the easy steps on how to achieve this look.

1. Prep your skin with moisturizer. Start by washing up your face and put a little bit of face moisturizer.

2. Even out your skin tone with light-weight foundation. This will depend on how much coverage you need. But I suggest cover up your red spots and slight discoloration.

3. Brush up your eyebrows. Brushing your eyebrows up can have a big impact on your overall look.

FACE: Celeteque Moisturizer, MAC Foundation N43. FACE POWDER:MAC Contouring Palette. EYEBROWS: MAC Brow set in Deep Dark Brunette. LIPS: EOS Sweet Mint.

These are the steps and product used. It’s really easy and hassle free for the On-The-Go  look. Thank you for standing by on my blog! cheers! 


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