How to Get In on the Faux Freckle Trend

Freckles are so hot right now and this trending look is reserved for the ladies and gents! So, If you don’t have natural freckles, you can get fake freckles using standard makeup. Are you ready?


Sharpen your eyeliner now and follow these simple steps below!

Step 1: Apply your makeup as normal. 

Note: Don’t use too much foundation. Apply just right before proceeding with the freckles.

Step 2: Choose brown eyeliner tones.

Note: If you are not sure about what looks natural, compare the shades to the color of your eyebrows. The light shade should be two shades darker, and the darker shade should be another shade darker than that.


Step 3: Draw small freckles on your skin with the lighter tone.

Note: Place dots of eyeliner on your nose and cheeks. Use the tip of the eyeliner itself as long as its a very fine point.

Step 4: Blend it out.

Note: Take your finger and press on them a bit, which will help them to look more natural but not too much or else they will disappear.

OPTIONAL: Apply a setting spray to make your skin appear glossier and healthier.

Voila! Enjoy your freckled face!!!


Featuring (Systems Technology Institute) STI ambassador, Jerick Valete

Photo by : Heintje Mendoza | H. Mendoza Photography

Styled and Groomed by : Yoo Kii Piñon | Makeup By Yoo Kii

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How to master the ‘Summer Glow Makeup’ in just 5 easy steps!

This summer season, keep your skin looking glowing, dewy and fresh – no matter how hot it gets outside!  It’s time to ditch our flat, matte winter makeup. So, here are the 5 easy steps to achieving the perfect summer glow.


1. Use an illuminating foundation. 

Don’t have a glowy foundation? Mix a few drops of beauty oil into a matte base to create your own.

2. Apply a concealer under the eyes.

This will help you look more awake and youthful.


3. Apply blush on to your cheekbones. You can use tint or powder.
4. Use a highlighter where the sun naturally hits the face. 


5. To complete the look, try a cooling setting spray for the ultimate quick summer fix.

Voila!!! Keep looking stunningly gorgeous all summer long!


muse: Darvi Averia Quema

photo: H. Mendoza Photography


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10 Easy, Low Maintenance Makeup Looks That Anyone Can Handle!

I know everyone has just a lil’ time to do their makeup, So, here’s how you can pull off a polished look with a few products and still look as if it took no effort! Are ready? Don’t worry, though—it’s as easy to do as it appears!


Just follow these simple steps below!

  1. Spray your face with a refreshing, facial spray. This will hydrate and give your skin a naturally healthy appearance.
  2. You’ll want to even out your skin tone, BB or CC cream like is just enough coverage. Apply with fingers and blend it with your beauty blender of foundation brush.
  3. Next, spot-conceal any areas with prominent darkness, blemishes or scarring.
  4. Set your face with a translucent powder.
  5. Now, even out your eyelids with neutral shade, used some chocolate color and blend it with creamy beige to subtle the edges.
  6. Use bronzer or contouring powder to dust over the places on your skin that sun would naturally hit: the forehead, cheeks, and temples.
  7. Define eyelashes with a dark brown mascara. Also you cant even put a falsies if you want.
  8. You’ll want to subtly define your brows to frame your face, but keep a soft look. and finish it with brow gel to define your eyebrows.
  9. Next, pick your best lipstick that is best on you.
  10. One last time spray your face some mist to give a dewy, hydrated look and meld everything together!

Voila!!! And it’s done!

muse: Merphi Panaguiton

makeup by yours truly!

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How to achieve the ‘Drunk Blush’ makeup look, Here’s how!

The Japanese Igari look is the new makeup trend you need to get in on and this also known as “Hangover Beauty” created by a Japanese Artist Shinobu Igari (hence the name Igari Makeup), creating ‘natural eye look’ with emphasized look of blushing cheek.


To achieve this look, you need to apply blush under your eye and on the top area of the apples of your cheeks. The blush should be obvious to give an appearance like you are blushing way too much or are drunk.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this look!

Step 1:  Prep your skin

Use foundation/BB cream/CC cream to balance your skin tone and use concealer to cover any redness or dark spots.

Step 2: Eyes

Use neutral shade and make it really plain and simple and don’t forget to curl and put mascara on your eyelashes!

Step 3: Cheeks

Apply pink or coral tint or blush to the cheeks, under her eyes and extend down to the cheekbone and slightly towards the temple.

Step 4: Lips

Complete your look with rose-tinted, kissable-looking lips in glossy finish.



Muse:  Shikinah Mallari Samson

Photo: H. Mendoza Photography

Makeup by yours truly: Makeup By Yoo Kii

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How To Pull Off The Glossy Eyelids Trend Effortlessly


It seems that people are ditching mattes for metallic and gloss—not just with lips, but also eyelids. This trend was introduced during New York Fashion Week SS17 last September. But when Kylie Jenner post a photo on her Instagram, it intrigued me.


So, here’s how to get this gorgeous glossy lids look in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Primer

The first rule is to prep your skin with your favorite primer to make it look flawless and lasting. If you’re rocking glossy lids, then you better be rocking it the whole day or night through.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

The second step is to put your desired eyeshadow. Whether you want a sheer wash of color, earth tone or a slight shimmer, you may apply using your finger or a brush.

Step 3: Lip Gloss or Petroleum Jelly

Now, it’s time to get glossed up. Lightly dab some lip gloss, lip balm, or even petroleum jelly over your lids with your finger. The secret to that non-sticky feeling is to leave your crease clean. And voila! Your beauty look has just been leveled up to cool girl status!


Muse: Cha-Cha Rosario Tañedo

Photo: Heintje Mendoza | H. Mendoza Photography


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MAKEUP101: Soft Warm Brown Smokey Eye Makeup look

Hi, Gorgeous! I have got a recent makeup look for you that I absolutely loved doing. A chocolate lid color with orange through the crease and lower lash line using the beautiful 35k Palette from Morphe,  I’m going to show you what I used to create this look. 


Here are the 7 steps to achieve this look!

Before anything you have to prep you skin using a luminous make up primer or Moisturizer. Beauty Oil (Argan Oil) was used to give the skin its luminosity.


Next, create a healthy looking base by evenly applying foundation on your skin. If you have areas that need extra coverage like under your eyes, you can use a concealer. Used MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC35, for under eyes I used L.A Girl PRO. Conceal in Ligh Ivory.


For the eyes, take chocolate eye shadow and blend it all the way to your eyebrows, take orange eye shadow and mix it and blend.  Also apply same product to the lower lash line. You can also use creme eye shadow for this look.  Product used, Morphe 35k.


Define your eyes by applying black eyelash mascara on your upper and lower lashes.  This will create that monochromatic effect on the eyes. For the eyelashes, L’Oréal Paris in Voluminous Carbon Black were used.


 Just comb your hairs up, soft strokes to keep them looking natural. For the eyebrows,  Anastasia Beverly Hills Gel in Medium Brown and Etude My Brows Mascara in Rich Brown.


Contour your cheeks with some contouring or sculpting powder. Using a brush, apply this on the hollows of your cheeks or your jawline to create definition. Add some color to it by applying a peach blush on the apples of your cheek. Softly blend it to make it look like a natural glow and apply a small amount of highlighter to achieve the glowy skin.

Product Used:

Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Starlight


Finish this make up look by adding some colour to your lips. MAC Lipstick in Stone.



MUSE: Krish Maderas Abad

PHOTOS: Heintje Mendoza

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Simple Every Day Makeup (In less than 10 minutes!)

Some of you requested a makeup tutorial for my last makeup blog so here it is! Who has 10 minutes to perfect their makeup in the morning? So, I am going to detail the 6 steps and feel fresh and confident as you go about your day !

Get gorgeous—fast!

View more below for more details!


  1. Moisturizer
  2. Foundation or CC/BB cream
  3. Eyebrow Gel, or powder
  4. Mascara
  5. Lipstick, gloss or lipbalm
  6. Blush


1st step: Cleanse your face quickly but thoroughly and follow up with moisturizer.

2nd: Dab on foundation. 

NOTE: Use foundation only where you need it to even out your overall skin tone.

3rd: Fill in your eyebrows. Begin under your natural arch, thickening the brow slightly. This is to ensure a natural look.

4th: Sweep on black mascara. This will opens up the eyes and makes you look refreshed.

5th: On your lips, use color with a sheer or gloss finish, which requires less precision.

6th. LASTLY, Apply blush to the apple of each cheek (the roundest part when you smile.)


Muse: Angelynne Huxley Cabrera, Former Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 where she represented La Paz, Tarlac.


Photo: Heintje Mendoza

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