How to master the ‘Summer Glow Makeup’ in just 5 easy steps!

This summer season, keep your skin looking glowing, dewy and fresh – no matter how hot it gets outside!  It’s time to ditch our flat, matte winter makeup. So, here are the 5 easy steps to achieving the perfect summer glow.


1. Use an illuminating foundation. 

Don’t have a glowy foundation? Mix a few drops of beauty oil into a matte base to create your own.

2. Apply a concealer under the eyes.

This will help you look more awake and youthful.


3. Apply blush on to your cheekbones. You can use tint or powder.
4. Use a highlighter where the sun naturally hits the face. 


5. To complete the look, try a cooling setting spray for the ultimate quick summer fix.

Voila!!! Keep looking stunningly gorgeous all summer long!


muse: Darvi Averia Quema

photo: H. Mendoza Photography


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Simple Every Day Makeup (In less than 10 minutes!)

Some of you requested a makeup tutorial for my last makeup blog so here it is! Who has 10 minutes to perfect their makeup in the morning? So, I am going to detail the 6 steps and feel fresh and confident as you go about your day !

Get gorgeous—fast!

View more below for more details!


  1. Moisturizer
  2. Foundation or CC/BB cream
  3. Eyebrow Gel, or powder
  4. Mascara
  5. Lipstick, gloss or lipbalm
  6. Blush


1st step: Cleanse your face quickly but thoroughly and follow up with moisturizer.

2nd: Dab on foundation. 

NOTE: Use foundation only where you need it to even out your overall skin tone.

3rd: Fill in your eyebrows. Begin under your natural arch, thickening the brow slightly. This is to ensure a natural look.

4th: Sweep on black mascara. This will opens up the eyes and makes you look refreshed.

5th: On your lips, use color with a sheer or gloss finish, which requires less precision.

6th. LASTLY, Apply blush to the apple of each cheek (the roundest part when you smile.)


Muse: Angelynne Huxley Cabrera, Former Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 where she represented La Paz, Tarlac.


Photo: Heintje Mendoza

I hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you! Comment below if you want more beauty tutorial!

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