A #SEOULgood experience: The top tourist spots in Korea that you can visit in 5 days!

It’s no secret that Filipinos are obsessed with Korean culture.  Everyone’s been going crazy after the best of Korean pop culture, food, fashion, and more – and we just can’t get enough.

So, friends and all my avid readers, let me share with you our 5-day autumn-winter wonderland with complete itinerary, tips and cost breakdown to help you plan your own trip to Korea soon.

Tip: DIY your own application so you don’t need to pay for any agency fee and plan your itinerary.

(BTW, Thank you so much, Erika Shallaine Yu for making our itinerary. You the best!)

We flew via Cebu Pacific Air and arrived at Incheon Internation Airport at 10:45pm (Philippines is 1 hour behind). Traveled via train going to our Hotel guesthouse in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Space Torra, Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating and free WiFi. A daily breakfast is provided. Room rate for 5 days: 260,600 won

Tip: Buy a T-Money card. If you plan to be in South Korea for couple of days or more and need to take the subway or bus often, a T-money card would be advantageous in terms of savings. If you are flying into Incheon airport, you can grab a card at a convenience store just after arrivals.


Price: 8000 won , T-Money Load 50000 won

What can you do in Korea when you only have 5 days? Here you go!

DAY 1: Nami Island, Petite France

Travel to Nami:

Admission fee:  8000 won


Walk: Space Torra to Hongik University (8 mins)
Train:[Gyeongui Jungang Line] Hongik Univ. Station to Mangu Station (15 stops)
Train: [Gyoengchun Line] Mangu Station to Gapyeong Station (12 stops)
Bus: Gapyeong City Tour Bus (Course A) to Nami Island Station (6000 won)
Walk: Nami Island Station to Gapyeong Wharf (2 mins)
Ferry: Gapyeong Wharf to Nami Island
Travel to Petite Fance:

Admission Fee: 8000 won

Right after exploring the picturesque Nami Island. We ride a taxi going to Petite France. (Forgot the cost of this cab ride. sorry.)

DAY 2: Everland, Gangnam District

Travel to Everland:

Admission Fee: 54,000 WON


Walk: Space Torra to Hongik University
Train: [Line 2] Hongik Univ. Station to Wangsimni Station (11 stops)
Train: [Bundang Line] Wangsimni Station to Giheung Station (25 stops)
Train: [EverLine] Giheung Station to Everland Station (Exit 3) (13 stops)
Shuttle Bus: Everland Station to Everland

Travel to Gangnam District:


Shuttle Bus: Everland to Everland Station
Train: [EverLine] Everland Station to Giheung Station (13 stops)
Train: [Bundang Line] Giheung Station to Jeongja Station (7 stops)
Train: [Shinbundang Line] Jeongja Station to Gangnam Station (6 stops)

DAY 3: Bukchon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Secret Garden, Deoksugung Palace, N Seoul Tower, Myeondong District

Travel to Hanok Village

Walk: Space Torra to Hongik University
Train: Hongik Univ. Station to Euljiro 3-ga Station (6 stops)
Train: [Line 2] Euljiro 3-ga Station to Anguk Station (Exit 1 or 2) (1 stop)
Walk: Anguk Station to Bukchon Hanok Village (10 mins)

Travel to Gyeongbokgung Palace 

Integrated Palace Ticket: 10,000 won (This ticket is all in one package)


Walk: Bukchon Hanok Village to Gyeongbokgung Station (10 mins)

Travel Deoksugung Palace

Walk: City Hall Station to Deoksugung Palace (10 mins)

Travel to Secret Garden

Travel to N Seoul Tower

Observatory tower Fee: 10000 won



Observatory: N Seoul Tower by night

Gyeongbokgung Palace to N Seoul Tower
Walk: Gyeongbokgung Palace to Gyeongbokgung Station (11 mins)
Train: [Line 3] Gyeongbokgung Station to Chungmuro Station (Exit 2) (4 stops)
Bus: Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus No. 02
Daehan Cinema – N Seoul Tower (6 stops)

We ride a Cable Car going down from N Seoul Tower.
Adult Ticket One-Way: 6,000 won

Travel to Myeondong: 

Bus: Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus No. 05
Namsan – Myeong-dong (6 stops)

Shopping! and Food Trip time!

DAY 4: Haneul Park, Ewha Womans University

Travel to Haneul Park



So if are around the the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Follow the big road and turn left to cross the street at the 4-way intersection. You’ll see the Haneul Park signage at the parking lot.


There is a shuttle bus station that you can use to the top. We buy a ticket from the ticket counter which costs KRW 3,000 for round trip. Alternatively, you can take the zig-zag stairway, which precisely 291 stairs to finally arrive at Haneul Park.

Travel to Ewha Womans University


Train: [Line 6] World Cup Stadium Station to Hapjeong Station (3 stops)
Train: [Line 2] Hapjeong Station to Ewha Womans University (3 stops)

DAY 5: Flying back to PH

Travel to Airport

Shout out to these gorge girls who are with me on this trip! Thank you Mother Krishka Lorenz Ramos & ‘Pachuchay’ Erika Shallaine Yu for making our adventure really special!

2017-11-20 13:47:16.376

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#WhenInAntipolo: Pinto Art Museum

I always wanted to see this place as I’ve heard that this is a must visit place… So I did. I invited my two friends to go with me on a weekend, to at least roam the most talked about museum in Antipolo, Rizal.



The white-washed walls are complimented by brown staircase and other minimalist details.




The most used area of the Pinto Art Museum is the picturesque roof deck.




This museum becomes a favorite hang out place of millennials because of its picturesque place and it has a different kinds of art from photography, paintings, to contemporary arts, sculptures and art installations by various local artists.



Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. Our option is to ride an FX bound for Antipolo then ask the driver to drop you off at Ynares Sports Arena. From there, you can hire a tricycle to get you to museum. BTW, It is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

Once you’ve arrive at the museum, you first have to register, log your name and pay Php 200.00 as entrance fee. Students and senior citizens have discounts provided that they have their ID’s with them. Upon entering the museum, you have to leave your backpacks at the package counter near the entrance, then after that, you can now enjoy roaming around the museum. Take note, no food and pets are allowed inside the Art sanctuary.

For those who seek a day out of the bustling noise in the city, there’s place in Rizal, specifically in Antipolo, where you can appreciate both nature and art.


Here’s a glimpse of Pinto Art Museum:


Sculptures everywhere!

Pinto Art Gallery




Pinto Museum Art Collection




Indigenous Arts

There are different collections of Bulul comes from different sizes.

Cafe Rizal


After feeding our eyes with all the artsy stuff, it’s time to satisfy our hungry stomach at the Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal.


The ambiance of the restaurant is superb.


And lastly thank you to my friends for joining me in this day tour! Love you guys big time!




I would like to take this moment to write this blog and share the memories that happened during the vacation of my family here in the Philippines.

BeFunky Collage

It has been 5 years since the last time I saw them, they all migrated in different countries; Australia, UAE and Italy. The last time they were here is when I was in my sophomore year. So, yeah. I won’t go in details and be emotional in this blog. Continue browsing this post and look what we made during our short stay in Boracay–only four days – but we loved the Island

There’s no need to describe the place (Boracay Island), because the whole world knows that it’s a beautiful haven of fun here in the Philippines.


Here’s what we had August 8-12.

WELCOME to Alta Vista De Boracay…

Photo courtesy to Tito Arjay Alcos for this awesome panorama shot.

Well, my wish came true and we finally went! We were so happy to stay in Alta Vista de Boracay —– it was such a memorable, fun trip. I seriously didn’t want it to end. We were pampered and relaxed, and yes, we slept and ate so well, we all had the best time together, which made us doubly happy.  Bora is such a magical place for us, we’ve created more happy memories that will last a lifetime.

The arrival…


First day in the morning… Some were still napping and others were prepping up for the day’s adventure.

The Majestic infinity pool!

Photo courtesy to Tito Arjay Alcos

It is pretty hard to top a beach like Boracay, but I have to say, this infinity pool at the Alta Vista De Boracay may prove to be competition. The pool is just gorgeous, and with a view like that you really can’t go wrong. This is a great alternative if you get tired of swimming in the ocean.

The awe-mazing sunset!

This has to be my favorite reason as Boracay has the most beautiful sunset ever! I can never get enough of it, and I really made time to watch it every single day.


Purple skies sunset on Boracay

A warm and golden sunset.

Here are some of the best things to do in Boracay Island with family that we experienced on our short visit.


Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove Island, Puka Beach, Ilig Iligan Beach, Punta Bunga Beach

Here’s the video before we started the island tour: CLICK ME!!!


Enjoying the calm-crystal water at Puka Beach.

    Paraw sailing…

Take a rest for a moment and enjoy the sounds of the wave of the ocean.



Seas the day by looking up the beautiful island.

Take a walk at the island’s powdery white sand and clear blue waters.


It was a fantastic way to spend the day. We loved visiting some of the other beaches and enjoying pretty decent snorkeling spot.

Fresh buko in the middle of the sea.


Photos courtesy to Tita Anna Marie Tamayo-Transfiguracion


You may also watch the Banana Boat Nae Nae dance edition HERE: CLICK ME!!! 

FLYING FISH (Unfortunately, I haven’t got a photo of this activity. )


Boracay’s Grotto…


A visit to the beach is not complete if you miss seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s grotto and take a picture of the beautiful image on top of the Boracay Rock in Station 1.


STOLEN:  It seems like we have a new rising loveteam in the making. Meet #AceNie! Would they be the next #KathNiel?


You may watch the video HERE: CLICK HERE!!!

Halowich: The best soft-served mango ice cream in Boracay…

Since day 1, we’ve been seeing a lot of people with this yellow stuff in a plastic cup and immediately got curious. Just pass through D’Mall, look for a line and surely one of them lines will lead to Halowich. Such a tasty and creamy treat!

Try King Corn Boracay…

Also we snacked on corn on a cob while at the beach.

Boracay’s Nightlife…

The Island is well-known for its vibrant, seven days a week nightlife. There are many different nightlife venues to choose from – from wild parties, to bars, to lounges with live music…

HPTM9141 - Copy
The two were busy with their smartphones.
HPTM9117 - Copy
Hashtag how to smize like a pro.

So, before heading to a nightlife in the Island, we had a quick photo shoot with my cousins and my kapatid.

Ashley – Adrian – Eros; my co-millennials.

Photo credits to Tita Anna Marie Tamayo-Transfiguracion

Short story of what happened that night. Me and my Tita Annie were drunk AF! So much memories and a moment that will last for a lifetime. Watch the video HERE: CLICK ME!!!

Play Beach Volleyball with Locals…

As you walk along Boracay Beach, especially in Station 2 you will see people playing volleyball, most are local Filipinos who live on the island, however don’t be surprise if you are walikng down the beach and someone playing the volleyball ask you to join the this fun activity.

And this happened. Who do you think would win? The Expat or the Locals? 

Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar


A trip to Boracay would not be complete without ordering fruit shakes from Jonah’s, which has practically become an institution. There’s nothing like a tall order of refreshing fruit shake to quench your thirst from the extreme heat.


At the moment:  Chillin’ while looking at the picturesque island.


Special thanks to the vendor of this who pushes us to have a photos with their fresh sea creatures.

And while waiting for our mouthwatering food, It seems this lil’ one is hungry for our dinner.

Literally a wet market, D’ Talipapa is a place where you can buy fresh seafood or meat and have it cooked in one of the market’s restaurants that offer the service.

Meet a lovely creature…

And probably you’ll meet a new friend… A cutie dog who lived in the island.

Boracay Sand Sculpture

Anyone who has been to Boracay would definitely have at least one snapshot in the the beach with the sand sculpture in the background.

It was our last day in Boracay and we were decided to make the most out of it! We still had time to swim until we were negra and negro and buy pasalubongs. There were no more scheduled activities. If not swimming, we were just lounging by the beach, eating and drinking.

The last day…

To sum up, our short-stay in island has been really a magical and unforgettable one. We can’t wait to be back here anytime soon!

At the airport…

Here are the photos before the take-off.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon, Boracay! Thank you for the fun and amazing experience! 

For the highlights of our Boracay Trip, here’s the video made by my Tita Annie: CLICK ME! CLICK ME! 


Thank you so much for browsing this blog!

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Bora2k17: A Wave of Fun

DAY 1: Seas the day…


Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully.



Day 2: “Tropical state of mind.”


Ahoy! Matey! Come sail away!


I SEA you!


SEA-ting pretty!



No Lifeguard on Duty…



These photos taken at the Puka Shell Beach in Boracay…



That crazy little sun of a beach…




This squad just wanna have sun…



Of course shout out to my friends who made this travel extra special!


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Transfiguration Chapel of Calaruega: “Closer to God, Closer to nature”

The Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega, more known simply as Caleruega, a “house of prayer and renewal” located at Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. Run by the Dominican Order of Preachers, a religious group that operates schools and universities, Caleruega is more than the chapel and has facilities and amenities that can be used for retreats, recollections, seminars, workshops, and of course, weddings.



Two main features – the hut-shaped roof and the stained glass design beyond the main altar – all point to the Transfiguration of Jesus, from whence the chapel got its name. The rest of the structure is also abounding with symbols, from the steel doors designed with seven grapevines, symbolizing the 7 sacraments as well as the fact that Jesus is the vine and the people are the branches; to the carved tree trunk representing the “stem of Jesse” as described in the book of Isaiah; to the tabernacle that depicts the burning bush; and to birds carved on the communion table reminding all that God provides.


Beautiful European-inspired architecture, cobblestone or brick steps, cool breeze, set on a hilltop, with a fantastic view of Mt. Batulao as well as the hillocks of Tuy and Nasugbu – and the words “picturesque”, “solemn”, “quiet”, and “breathtaking” come to mind.


A solemn place to visit. I will definitely go back here! You will never feel the distance specially if you are walking with your friends or Family.

Caleruega is a two-hour drive from Metro Manila, accessible via Tagaytay City where one makes a right to Nasugbu, then, after the Nasugbu welcome arch, left to Evercrest Golf Club. Note, though, that the road is still a bit rough. The couple should also consider their guests’ transportation and lodging, as well as footwear for that walk from the parking lot to the chapel.


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The Grillery: Steaks and Home Recipes

A must visit restaurant when you’re around Tarlac City. Foods are very yum! And not too expensive either.

A cozy place to stay. Good food, good ambiance and good music! The Grillery is one of my favorite places to go for a glass of cocktail and their mouth-watering signature steak!

TRIVIA:  Did you know that “The Grillery” is the first and only urban restaurant and bar in Tarlac City?

Btw, there were separate air-conditioned and open spaces. You can watch TV or just chill from the music playing on the background. Good for hanging-out with family and friends!

For menu, you can visit their Facebook page HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TheGrilleryTarlac/


LOCATION: San Vicente, San Sebastian by-pass road, Fairlane
Tarlac, Tarlac