Easy Go-To Makeup Look In Less Than 15 Minutes

What’s Your Makeup Vibe? How long do you usually spend on your makeup in the morning? Like many women, We’ve got our go-to makeup application process down pat. In fact, We can complete it in under 15 minutes!


Finding the right makeup for summer is about natural look that can be more complex than you think. We don’t want to anything to cakey (too much foundation), too bright or too dark. The best tips to wear colors is close to your natural skin tone but just enhance and perfect your skin.

Here are the beauty products used to get this natural glowing look: Moisturizer as perfect primer to your face. Light-weight foundation which are BB cream or CC cream these are good to wear in daylight. Subtle Blush work well because you can rub them in as much as you like for a subtle look. Peaches tone tend to look great on everyone. Nude lips, when choosing a color, go for the light pinks, peaches and sand colors and apply a little gloss for an even simpler lip. Mascara (if any) just a thin layer mascara is all you need for a natural look.

Featuring Lani Puri, Beauty Queen slash Student Leader slash Media Practitioner. One of the finest woman in Tarlac City, and former ambassador of Silka.

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Photo by Heintje Mendoza Follow his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/heintjephoto for booking queries!

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BEAUTY BLOG: Wake-up, Make-up, Easy Loose Waves


Wake-up, Make-up

This season is the time to change your makeup routine. Let’s face it some days are way to hot to wear a lot of cosmetics. Worry no more in applying tons of foundation. Here are some cosmetics to avoid makeup meltdown and achieved the looking fresh-faced and ready to soak up the sun. BB Cream or CC cream these are lightweight makeup coverage that will give you more natural outcome. Define-a-lash Volume mascara to get some definition to your eyelashes. Lipstick must be in Marsala shade to get statement lips which is the new trend this year.


Easy Loose Waves

When it comes to hair styling, my goals are: Low maintenance and acceptable-looking. So, what i did on her hair was messy loose waves as the hair trend this year. Goodbye forced waves hair and Hello Loose waves hair!

Here are the details use to achieved this loose waves. 38mm curling tong (clipless the better and easy to use)and hair spray to hold the waves.)


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Featuring Ralphe Roxette Austria. Blogger Model. Follow her on Instagram as @iamralpheroxette to see more of her blog.

Photo by Heintje Mendoza. For Bookings and Updates of his work follow his on Instagram as @henkems. Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/heintjephoto 

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Crêpe Blanc

Today, I am very excited and happy to entry this on my blog. I’d like to feature with you a minimalist and fashionable looking from my portfolio a high-fashion-shoot from the February preview.


Collaborated with the best incomparable International Photographer Wei Ramos from Tarlac.  To see more of his work or booking inquiries you can contact him on Facebook here at www.facebook.com/noelmaniagoramos.


I chose to wear a basic white long sleeve polo and to match up my hair and eyes, to my makeup I decided to look bare and natural but a simple shiny lip-gloss on my lips to create a simple look.


            wei x yookii

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Boho-Gypsy Style

Embrace your inner bohemian wild child with these easy-to-wear crop top/midriff, head chain, acid washed shorts, boots and other fun and cool accessories.


Featuring, Ralphe Roxette Austria as the model and blogger. Follow her on Instagram as @iamralpheroxette to see more updates.


Just beacause Coachella is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep the bohemian-Gypsy-chic vive going!




Photo by Heintje Mendoza follow his Facebook page here.

Hair, Makeup and Styling by yours truly. For booking inquiries click here.


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Modern Hippie

I saw lots of  different hippie inspired clothing during runway shows (online) and today I want to share with you this modern hippie style for 2015 season wear. Showing you an amazing and dashing combo which for sure will inspire you. This time hipster go aside, as it’s more hippies inspired. Let’s have a closer look at these photos and be inspired and fashionable this season! 


A great collaboration with Luxe Chic Clothing Campaign(www.luxechicph.com|www.facebook.com/luxechicxme| Instagram as @luxechiclothingph) featuring some of their Items.


The Image model. Kaye Concepcion student at University of the East College of Dentistry. Follow her instagram account here at @kayeconcepcion.


Photos from Heintje Mendoza. For booking inquiries follow his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/heintjephoto and also on Instagram as @henkem to see more of his work of art.

The Art Director and Coordinator. Erwin Siron.

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Knitted Classy Casual

Another statement styles perfect and fit this Spring 2015 using your favorite Knitted Sleeves/sweater to spice up your look this season. Spring is the perfect time to wear bold colours and prints. Showing you a different styles on how to wear your knitted sweater that looks fashionable and manly looking.


First Look. First Photo. Wearing  a floral button down polo and Green knitted sweater. A great wear for casual party, or street style.


Second Look. Second Photo. Wearing a blazer/coat over maroon-ish knitted sweater best for formal party or casual holiday.


Featuring Wil Joseph Magsino. Samsung Ambassador and currently a commercial model at Imaj Agency. Follow his Facebook account here.

Photo by Wei Ramos of H&S+B. For booking inquiries click here.

Grooming and styling by yours truly. For booking inquiries contact me here.

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Bohemian Vibes


This is the third layout fashion look done during Coachella themed shoot.



Featuring you the flirty and fun look of Ralphe Roxette Austria (As the muse) this may seem appropriate for Coachella but this also a great wear in street style.  Photo by Heintje Mendoza.

Styling, Hair and Makeup by yours truly.

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