Camp Avenue: Your Guide to an Affordable Trip

camping trip is the perfect way to enjoy nature this season. Keep reading to find out the camping guide for your next getaway!


It’s no wonder that Camp Avenue has become a favorite destination among travelers. Besides its Instagram-worthy attributes, there’s another reason why millennial travelers can’t seem to get enough of this Camping site: its affordability and the theme of Bohemian Dreams!

How to Get There

Camp Avenue is located in Taboc, San Juan, La Union, about a 5 to 6 hour trip by land from Manila. You have two options on how to get there: by car or bus.

By Car:

Getting there is pretty easy with the help of waze. Take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) and then the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEx). From there, take the Pozorrubio Exit to the McArthur Highway. Continue to the bypass road of San Fernando, La Union until you reach San Juan.

By Bus:

If driving isn’t an option for you, there are bus companies that would take you from Manila to La Union in just 5 hours like Dominion, Partas. Viron, Bataan Transit, and there are also buses going to Ilocos that may drop you off at San Juan, La Union. From there, you can take a jeepney or a tricycle to Camp Avenue.


Camp Avenue offers two kinds of accommodations: tents and Indo-Bali huts.

Tent Accommodation: 750 pesos per person per night (Inclusive of Insulation Foam, 2 pillows, entrance fee and breakfast)


Tent pitching: 500 pesos per person per night (You bring your own tent. This is inclusive of Entrance Fee, Space Rental, and Breakfast.)

Indo Bali Hut: 1,200 pesos per person per night (Inclusive of bedding, towels, entrance fee and breakfast)

Since the Indo Huts were limited, it is advisable to have a reservation before going to Camp Avenue.

Camping Tips:

Before going to Camp Avenue, make sure that you’ve packed light for your trip.

If you’re bringing in your gadgets, charge them first. Bringing a power bank is also highly recommended.

Remember to properly dispose of all your trash before leaving.

Bring enough cash

Bring insect repellant

Sunsets in Elyu:

Total expenses (Overnight):

Here’s a rundown of the expenses on my trip to Camp Avenue:

Bus fare (Back and Forth:) PHP 800
Tricycle to Camp Avenue: PHP 50
Tent Rental: PHP750
Extra expenses, E.G: drinks and Lunch, Dinner: PHP 1000

Total: PHP2600


Special Mention:

Met these guys in Camp Avenue; Tine, Ruth, Jerwin, Marvs and Jonas — we were so lucky to find a soul that grooves with yours! See you guys soon!?
We know that this was a spontaneous unplanned getaway, but it was so fun and unforgettable! Love you cousins; Gia and Rizah!


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