#EBLOGGERSBALL2017: The 2nd E! Bloggers Ball in all of Southeast Asia

The country’s top social media influencers literally lit up the night at the E! Bloggers Ball 2017.



I was so overwhelmed and a little nervous when I got the invite to attend the E! Philippines Bloggers Ball. Of course, I enjoyed the night at City of Dreams Manila and learned so much from other bloggers, vloggers and fashion icons.

yuki @ ebb-11

Every one’s dilemma after getting a party invite will be their outfit, So here’s my combo for the ball that might help you for your next event!

So, here’s my pick; For the top, I wore a turtleneck in black and tucked it in to look on point and complemted with a coat to keep a cozy yet a formal look . To make it more stylish, I picked this High-waisted Striped Trouser. For the shoes, I chose to wear Chelsea boots because they always make a strong statement. 



E! is the biggest source for Hollywood news and fashion trends. With this, top bloggers, vloggers, personalities and representatives from the online fashion industry all gathered at the 2nd E! Bloggers Ball in all of Southeast Asia.


The #EBLOGGERSBALL2017 theme, Vapor Lights, the guests are treated with a night of good food, fashion and music revelry.


Here’s the glimpse from the ball:

So Since I don’t have a boyfriend yet, I brought one of my best buddies, Heintje Mendoza to the ball.


I’m happy to celebrate the Fashion Month with my friends (Bloggers) in ABS-CBN, Merphi Panaguiton and of course Heintje Mendoza.


Although the ball was full of fun and surprises, the highlight of my night was probably when I met makeup vlogger, Raiza Contawi as she was one of the reasons why I was super excited to attend.

yuki w raiza

It was so nice meeting other bloggers last night. Here are some of them!

Danah & Stacy Gutierrez of Plump.ph, Dee Gee Razon, Haley Dasovich, Kim Cruz of MYX, Raiza Contawi, Chino Liu.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to E! Philippines for having me! Happy to meet new friends, it was great to spend the evening with them. Special thanks to Merphi and Heintje for my photos!


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