Modern Hippie

I saw lots of  different hippie inspired clothing during runway shows (online) and today I want to share with you this modern hippie style for 2015 season wear. Showing you an amazing and dashing combo which for sure will inspire you. This time hipster go aside, as it’s more hippies inspired. Let’s have a closer look at these photos and be inspired and fashionable this season! 


A great collaboration with Luxe Chic Clothing Campaign(|| Instagram as @luxechiclothingph) featuring some of their Items.


The Image model. Kaye Concepcion student at University of the East College of Dentistry. Follow her instagram account here at @kayeconcepcion.


Photos from Heintje Mendoza. For booking inquiries follow his Facebook Page at and also on Instagram as @henkem to see more of his work of art.

The Art Director and Coordinator. Erwin Siron.

For the Hair, Makeup and Styling follow my Facebook Page here at Instagram as @imyookiimua17.

                                   Start your booking now!

                     heintje x yookii x erwan x kaye x luxechic
#makeupbyyookii #hairbyyookii #styledbyyookii


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